Sunday, May 29, 2016

Our 2016 compensation model

We're happy to announce that we have finalized the details of our Speaker compensation model 2016 edition. That is, we know we made some profit. We have shared the rules of how we share the profit with our speakers. And we're organizing for the details of the compensation to take place.

Our model is based on shares. As a speaker of European Testing Conference, you get shares. If we barely break through or even end up on the negative, all the speaker gets is their expenses paid - that is the minimum. But if we make a profit, we share it according to the shares.

A keynote speaker gets five shares. A regular session speaker gets one share. A workshop session gets 2 shares. And organizing for the whole year gets you four shares. In 2016, a share was worth 160 euros.

We offer our speakers three ways to take the money:

  1. Invoice it
  2. Take a ticket for 2017. Use self, or pass on. 
  3. Leave it for our secondary idealistic goal: scholarships for new speakers for conferences that don't pay the travel costs. 
We already know that from the support of our speakers, we will be launching an experiment with SpeakEasy and a conference to enable a new speaker traveling to conference to speak without paying for the travel costs themselves. 

We do this to change the world of conferences.

Stay tuned for early June for our Call for Collaboration on how you could become part of the 2017 experience! 

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