Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Testing is important is a given

European Testing Conference 2017 takes place in Helsinki, Finland on February 8.-10th 2017. Check also our web pages.

When we started European Testing Conference, two things were very clear to us in the vision:
  • Our focus is practical - "getting experts and practitioners together to talk, learn and practice the art of testing" and "We’re tired of conferences that feel more like sales pitches than practitioners sharing the craft"
  • We're about testing, not testers - "we bring together testing from developer and tester perspectives in a practice-oriented package in a dialog culture, aiming for mutual learning of how testing can be done in practice"
With the collaboration calls with our potential speakers, what this means in practice has been shaped for clarify. We're not selecting talks that explains what testing / tester is and isn't. We're selecting examples of what testing looks like. What would be the practical things people have done and want to teach others. From people in different locations, organizations, and different roles. From voices old and new.

With every collaboration call, we've been looking for the practical core to every view that the amazing potential speakers have proposed us. We've learned that sometimes the practical stories are hidden under abstractions. Sometimes people want to talk about a big thing in a short time, when a subset of the big thing is of the best practical value to us.

In this conference, we take it as a given that testing is important. Testing is needed. And we respect the variety of ways to organize for it, and learn from each other in the spirit of dialog.

Super-Early Bird Tickets are available until end of August (timezone: whole world). And Early Bird Tickets after that. 

Join us to learn on testing from peers. The organizers and speakers are approachable and everyone wants to share both in sessions and on hallways. Be there to take your learnings back to the work we do.

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