Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pre-Conference Training without the conference

European Testing Conference 2017 takes place in Helsinki, Finland on February 9-10th 2017. Check also our web pages

Just before the European Testing Conference 2017 on Wednesday Feb 8th, we are organizing a set of one-day trainings. As we have been talking about the conference and the pre-conference trainings with various people, we have come to a realization we wanted to share.

The pre-conference trainings are not an extension of the conference, but they are sessions for a different audience. They are the local people's chances to get great trainings that it would be expensive to travel to. The trainers are here for the conference, but as they are here, it would seem a shame not to make their best *training* content available.

In a conference, a participant gets multiple views and practical tips from various speakers, and in particular, networks with other professionals. The time for each topic is limited, and it is a great way to sample on things we might want to dig in deeper.

In a training, a participant gets thorough, hands-on guidance on how to work with a particular theme. Trainings give us a chance to pass on a bit of skill and dig in deeper into the participants problems.

Take a look at our trainings. Think of them from the perspective of your and your colleagues training needs. Would learning the things these trainings provide help you succeed with your testing? We believe they would.

Contact us for group discount for groups of 3 or more people. We've put a lot of love and thought into organizing this and would love to you to join us, either for the trainings or the conference. Or even both.

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