Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Free ticket for finding us participants

Here's an experiment we want to try out - using power of the community to sell tickets and target the benefit from the work to the person doing the work. Perhaps that is you?

Let's talk about this a little more! 

European Testing Conference 2020 takes place Feb 6-7th  in Amsterdam and as we pay our speakers, we have quite a relevant ticket price. We try to make profit, to share profit. And this enables us great contents.

You'd want to participate, but the ticket price blocks you? Ask us for a code you share to people to recommend joining the conference, and when four (4) people have used your code, you get a free ticket for yourself.

To make it a little easier, we will add a 50 euro discount into the code your contacts get. So they get their tickets a little cheaper, and you get a free ticket.

We'd much rather give the benefits to the community than pay a faceless advertising company. Thus the experiment. 

So what to do if you're willing to try this out?

Let us know at  and we respond with your personalized code.

We could use some helping hands, the conference is all organized by volunteers and we would love to reach all the relevant people who might be interested in our conference. We think we have built quite a unique learning and networking experience where the diversity of formats of sessions will ensure you don't need to be a social butterfly to get to know people.

How The Volunteering Organizers Do it?

Finding people who would want to participate is kind of big thing for a conference. We try these ideas, and they could also work for you:
  • LinkedIn contacts - we browse through our personal connections who could be interested in hearing that we have a conference and learning about its contents. This is a very personal way, and we try to know who of our connections would be ok hearing us, and how they would be ok hearing it. Respecting your style, your voice and your connections is key. 
  • LinkedIn timeline - seems to reach quite a number of people, and is less in-you-face than messaging your contacts. Sharing your code is key here. You don't want people to have to do extra to take action. 
  • Twitter - works only if you have a following. 
  • Facebook groups - sharing in groups of professionals in the style they consider ok. We are often uncomfortable just advertising, and put a bit of effort in for example taking our favorite speaker in the conference, and discussing something they say, combining it with a message there's a conference and we've got a discount. Your personality shining is usually a positive thing. 
  • Talk to friends, acquintances, strangers and especially colleagues - tell the folks you have access to that they could join. Tell them it benefits you personally. If their interest aligns, things move for your benefit.  
  • Share in your community - you may be a community organizer yourself. Get a ticket by them joining. And if you are not the person to use it, pass it on as a freebie in your communities. 
 If you have ideas, please share! And, we hope to see *you* at the conference. 

A Community Marketing Experiment