Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do you know Altom?

Organizations really are defined through a group of people. They recruit people that fit and form a culture. And the organization I want to introduce is very special in this sense.

Altom (@altomsays) is a company based in Romania, with a subsidiary in Finland. Altom is one of the Gold sponsors of European Testing Conference. Even though I sincerely hope they get they money's worth in sponsoring us, I also believe they are in this to support a cause of skilled testing.

This post is not part of our sponsoring agreement, but emerges from my need of introducing a group of people. If you ever have a chance of meeting people under the Altom flag and your experience is anything like mine, you will find people that are:
  • Seeing the big picture of testing, capable of management, testing, and automation in a smart, practical way
  • Willing to share what they know to change the world of testing
  • Fun to hang out with, insightful and caring
My first experiences with Altom-ese were from Finland. Organizing local testing community events, I got in touch with people who volunteered to help, and delivered on every promise. And not long, they were doing things I has secretly hoped that would happen in Finland, like bringing international testing stars like Michael Bolton and James Bach to deliver us trainings. I took my RST with Michael through Altom.

Skilled testing is their thing. In addition to enabling RST in Finland and Romania, Altom-ese are deeply involved in communities like Tabara de Testare, the Romanian Testing Community. And in recent years, they have been taking action in enabling international online training on Cem Kaner's Black-Box Software Testing course series, the next generation.  For the BBST commercial series, they do important work on making sure that creating and maintaining the course to help it improve further is financially sustainable.

Altom will be there with us in Bucharest 11.-12th. They are happy to talk about what they do as a company, but being the awesome individuals they are, they are always happy to discuss anything. I hope we have a chance of introducing you all to them.  They are also a worth-to-follow on twitter, sharing very nice insightful articles from their own people's experiences as well as mining what is relevant out there.

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