Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Introducing European Testing Conference

The very first European Testing Conference takes place in about a month! You still have a chance to get your ticket and join us this year. With this blog, however, we want to open up a bit more of the ideas and inspirations that have lead us to the conference.

This conference started with a twitter discussion of three people, who have met each other over conferencing: Maaret Pyhäjärvi, Adi Bolboaca and Aki Salmi. The conferences that tend to bring us together are often labeled 'agile'. We wanted one where we could extend the label 'agile' with 'testing' as we knew it from different perspectives: developers, testers, analysts, managers alike.

As the discussion started, we quickly learned there was a lot of common ground in what we wanted to create:
  • A "from community, to community" event that would share and take forward practical aspects of testing
  • Focus on co-creating with speakers over selection from blindly created samples of talks 
  • Balance of testing as testers know it (exploration, as performance) and as developers know it (automation, as artifact creation) and heavy cross-pollination of people of different backgrounds: testing as feedback, something that is too important to be left just for testers but where deep skills in testing are beneficial
  • A conference that was fair to speakers: not making them pay for speaking (enabling a whole bunch of people to speak that we see too rarely) and even paying them for speaking (enabling the best speakers to join)
  • Avoiding debate and focus on dialogue and mutual learning. We can agree to disagree, but understanding others with different experiences is important
  • A traveling conference (different locations every year) with focus on Europe
We're very happy to see the light of day for the 1st release of this conference on Feb 11-12th in Bucharest, Romania.

We believe we are unique in the world of testing conferences. We look up to other conferences that are fair to speakers such as #TestBash run by the wonderful Rosie Sherry in the UK that also have brilliant content. We recognize there are a lot of wonderful options for testing conferences, and aim to create one that truly would bring together testing and software craftmanship communities on themes of testing - a rare mix for now.

Our end result has 26 speakers with scheduled slots with very interesting contents - you'll  hear more about our excitement on speakers in upcoming posts. In addition to scheduled slots, we have reserved time and space for emergent topics. There's so much knowledge there waiting to be shared that we find that Open Space and Lean Coffee is a must.

Will we see you in a month in Bucharest? Follow us on twitter: @EuroTestingConf #EuroTestConf and get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!

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